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Medical Summarizations

Medical Summarization
Medical record organization and summarization services are indispensible services for those who are associated with insurance claim settlements and /or litigations related to Workmen compensations arising out of injuries/diseases and ailments or all such conditions claimed to be due to job-related activities.

Medical malpractice cases accused with medical negligence or deviating from the set standards of medical care while delivering medical services to the patients.

Appropriate RETRIEVAL, Thoughtful ORGANIZATION and Accurate SUMMARIZATION of medical record are the key factors for these services.

Medical Summarization Services

Medical Records Summarization is just not précis writing .compression exercise. Professional Medical Summarizers take into account the end use of medical record summarization as specified by the clients, as it may pertain to be used for Plaintiffs or Defendants or for use of IME or AMEs or as may be for the purpose of Amicus Jury. In tune with the end use of the summary of medical record as specified above, essential pointers are highlighted as may be found in the original medical records provided by the clients in the reflective manner for the purpose of an anticipated pro-deposition or pro-argument manner, by the end user.

Summarization is done by duly trained resources who understand the legal aspects and significance, end use of summary reports by the clients. This facet helps the client get the medical summaries in an argument /deposition pro manner. All such medical facts are seen from records to ensure success of the clients.

Medical Summarization Process
  • Flag relevant symptoms and treatment
  • Create footnotes with definitions of uncommon medical terms
  • Create timelines and charts to highlight treatment from relevant period(s) of care
  • Identify missing records and bills
What do We do ?
  • Digitize and scan paper records / images and collate all of them into a comprehensive dossier for each case. This is done on-site by the client or through a partner company.
  • Upon receiving the dossiers through our proprietary workflow management system, our experts analyze and categorize every piece of information and assign relevant attributes for them to integrate into a comprehensive report.
  • Generate the final summary output from the analyzed data and make it available for review by the end user in a customized and user-friendly format.

In addition to having experts take care of this vital aspect of the client's business, we also help the client to save time and money by assuring focused summarization services.

Types of Summaries We Deliver Comprehensive Summary
  • Provides the most in-depth view of the plaint's medical records
  • Perfect way to extract a lot of information for review
  • Details especially useful in medical malpractice
  • Toxic tort
  • Personal injury cases
  • Deep analysis of the medical records required
Narrative Medical Summary
  • Provides a concise description of the information contained in the medical records, allowing to quickly taking in the most relevant information.
  • A brief synopsis of the most pertinent information.
Annotated Index Summary
  • Provides an overview of the medical records with a few words describing what they pertain to, as well as the dates of service.
  • Perfect option for those who are short on time or merely want their records sorted and indexed for easy reference and accessibility.
Medical Chronology & Timelines
  • Sorting and indexing of medical records (if needed)
  • Outlining medical history relevant to claimant's injury
  • Overview of claimant's past medical records and current medical status
  • Glossary of case-specific medical terminology and acronyms
We Serve
  • Medico-Legal Firms who recruit and /or retain Qualified Medical Evaluators and provide litigation support to plaintiffs or defendants.
  • Independent/Qualified Medical Evaluators (IME / QMEs).
  • Independent Medico-Legal Attorneys.
  • Workmen Compensation Claim Administrators / TPAs / Insurance companies, especially the private disability insurance carriers.
  • Medical documentation management companies.