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Medical record review involves the comprehensive assessment of the medical records of a patient. Professional medical reviewers identify, review, interpret and analyze the various facts in patient medical records. Medical review services benefit busy medical-legal consultants who can focus on more constructive activities, once the medical record review process is outsourced.

Comprehensive and advanced medical reviews provided by us can make Life easier for those in the medico-legal industry. We have been providing successful support for law firms, insurance firms, medical-legal consultants, case chart review firms, private corporations, independent medical examiners, physicians, and other organizations.

Medical Record Review Process
  • Identify the components of the medical record
  • Retrieve patient medical record information
  • Collect, classify, and capture information by data type
  • Capture data such as demographic characteristics, medical care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes, and treatment, and arrange in a chronological order.
  • List all records [imaging records included], and documents reviewed
  • Enumerate all objective tests performed
  • Quantify range of motion and outcome assessment study

What do We do ?
  • Classify relevant information from each medical record referencing the date of service, type of service, provider of service and place of service information.
  • Sort and index the medical records, decipher, summarize and classify them appropriately
  • Review information for completeness, accuracy and compliance. Tabulate information from the provided medical records and lay them in an easy to follow format.
  • Develop chronology and time-line specific to client case needs.
  • Provide medical records in an electronic format [imaged and indexed] compatible with the internal application/process flow.
  • Assist in identifying potential missing medical records.

We Serve
  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health Plans
  • Hospitals
  • Independent Medical Examiners
  • Medical-Legal Consultants
  • Private Physician Practices
  • Private Corporations
  • Social Security Disability Firms